Highlander Brewery’s story begins in 2009 with the brewery’s first beer, a traditional Scottish Ale, which remains one of our best-loved beers. Our beer is brewed from pure local free-flowing waters, with barley cracked onsite to ensure freshness. Our careful attention to quality in our small-batch brewing process, paired with expert selection of the finest ingredients gives all of our beers a distinctive taste and smooth finish.

Highlander beer is a mix of the old and new. Some ingredients, such as hops and selected malts, are imported from Germany, United Kingdom, and the USA to give our beer a distinctive, Old-World flavour. Other ingredients are sourced locally in Ontario, both hand-harvested and purchased from farmers. Our careful selection of ingredients and careful attention to water quality make our beers shine.

Highlander beers can be purchased at LCBO stores, select Beer Stores, some supermarkets and restaurants and bars throughout Ontario. You can also order from us directly online for delivery to your home or office.

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Our Process

Outstanding beer starts with pristine water. Our water profile is one of the finest of any Ontario brewery, and you can taste it in the quality of our beer.

We make beer the way it used to be made – from scratch, in small batches. All of our grains are milled onsite for freshness; the difference that you taste in a fresh-ground cup of coffee is the same thing you taste with freshly milled ingredients in beer. We don’t use any preservatives or additives. Everything you taste in our beer is produced by a carefully selected balance of ingredients and craft. 


Highlander Brewery is located in South River, in the Almaguin Highlands just north of Muskoka – making Highlander one of the most northerly craft breweries in Ontario. A five-minute drive from the Highway 11 exit will bring you straight to our new brewery on the main street in South River.

Environment & Our Local Flavour

Our brewery isn’t just here to make beer. It’s a gathering place for Almaguin Highlands musicians, artists, and the local community. See our events page for more.

We monitor our water usage carefully so as not to waste this precious resource. The beer making process produces a byproduct of the hulls and protein that remain after boiling. These “spent grains” are usually considered a waste product. Highlander provides these to local farmers as an excellent source of protein for cattle and pigs. Highlander also recycles the grains into dog biscuits, providing a nutritious natural product without additives for your pets. Nothing goes to waste at Highlander.

Highlander Brew Co. is a member of Ontario Craft Brewers.