Our Craft Beers.


Scottish Ale

Get your Scottish on with this classic session ale!

Our Scottish Ale is the first beer we ever brewed and remains beloved to this day. We use UK malts and Hops along with Edinburgh yeast that work their magic to create an incredibly delicious brew with caramel and nutty notes and a silky, soft finish.

Scottish Ales are brewed to be full bodied with defining malt characteristics. True to style, Scottish Ales are not hoppy: this style was traditionally brewed in the Scottish Highlands where access to hops was limited due to the climate. Instead, brewers would rely on Scottish barley and local field ingredients to flavour their beers.

Our Scottish Ale is 5.4% ABV and 34 IBU. Pairs best with lamb dishes, roasted meats, smoked salmon, spicy foods and of course...haggis!

Available at your Local LCBO & Grocery Stores that sell Ontario Craft Beer.

Smoked Porter

A complex symphony of roasted, smoky flavours!

Our Smoked Porter keeps you warm and toasty no matter the weather. This rich and fulsome ale is inspired by Ontario's North Country. Roasted Bamburg Malt is reminiscent of the warmth of a camp fire on cool fall nights. The malts are carefully smoked over toasted beechwood for rich espresso and coffee notes balanced by hints of maple and smoked peat on the finish.

There's no need to be afraid of the dark with our rich Smoked Porter. The smoking process creates a smooth body with no bitter aftertaste.

Our Smoked Porter is a smooth 6.5% ABV and 27 IBU. Pairs it with a range of hearty foods like strong cheese, beef stews, and game meats like venison. It's a delicious dessert when accompanied by dark chocolate.

Available at your Local LCBO & Grocery Stores that sell Ontario Craft Beer.

Blackberry Wheat

A deliciously tart and refreshing brew!

Our Blackberry Wheat Ale was brewed up to welcome the much anticipated spring and hot summer seasons when the days get longer and hotter. A native berry to Ontario, blackberries are juicy and tart and we have some delicious wild blackberries in the north. We were inspired by the sweet and delicious blackberry after many canoe and camping trips into backcountry. So we brewed up a smooth wheat ale to bring out the tartness of the blackberry. And Boom! Blackberry Wheat was born!

Our Blackberry Wheat Ale uses real blackberry juice and is available in the Spring and Summer months where it pairs best with long hikes or lakeside to cool off while under the sun.